Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trying to run back the clock

As a writer we are told, "not everyone is going to like your work" or "be prepared to get complaints". So I waited, and waited and the only complaint I got was someone disagreeing with a column I wrote and to be honest it only got my blood boiling for a bit. But it has finally happened, over three months of being out of school I have gotten a worthy complaint. It was about an article I wrote in early March and this individual had just now laid their eyes on it and were not too happy with what was written. I was charged with "distorting a quote", something a Journalist seldom to never does and in seeing this I was a bit confused. I sat back in my chair and thought about this particular article and the possible mistake that could have aroused. It was not until I saw the particular quote this person was appalled at did I remember what was said. I distinctly remembered this quote because it shocked even me to hear this persons "title" being bashed by their own quote. Naturally I put it in my story because that is what journalists do, we exploit the truth. And the saying the truth hurts has not rang more clearly than it has today. People think they can say what they wish, do what they want and get away with it without another soul noticing. Well I noticed and I think I might have given someone a heart attack in doing so. If you do not want something to be misinterpreted by another or in my case become a "distorted quote" then I suggest reading from a teleprompter or for the less accommodated, a piece of loose leaf paper. Because no one person is perfect and human error sadly to my "elite" and completely flawless complaining individual does exists. No matter what is changed in writing or taken back with words, this individual was thrown off their high horse and can never turn back good o'l father time. This person has made a flaw and their flaw was finally caught.