Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Grey Zone

The small coffee shop just off campus was bustling with the afternoons exchange of students eager to buy an adequately made and overpriced latte. I was talking with a friend about his life before college, before this year, what had he done and did he have any regrets? We had been in a heated discussion for hours now, back and forth over the mistakes made and slowly over time forgot. He said one thing that stuck with me, it was in response to the people he had interacted with over the years, many of which the mistakes were made. The statement was more or less along the lines of, "I can't say that I still feel terrible about it all, it was a grey zone in my life, things were hazy and I made mistakes but, now I'm out of it and in the light." My astonishment lies within the question raised after his statement; how do we as individuals find our light? Almost anyone has had a time where they find themselves in this "grey zone" and frequently exit with regrets and instances wished to forget. It is as if life's winding road travels through deep canyons laden with fog and if you miss a turn, you will forever be lost in its thick mess. I have found myself drifting back into memories I wish I could use a neuralizer to rid of as Will Smith so easily does. It is knowing this pain will transform into enlightenment that keeps me from allowing the darkness to engulf my world. Knowledge obtained over time does not come easily nor can it be Googled. The journey to new thought will bring wear, but the outcome is worth every deep bruise and tear-stained face.