Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Becoming famous; staying average.

The world is a stage.

How many times have we heard that and just allowed it to pass by? Just another repeated saying, added to the countless familiar lines that collect like dust in our cerebral cortex. But, has any one actually sat down to think about that phrase?

It is a cold and wet Wednesday evening in Covina California. I sit in a wobbly wooden chair across from my brother, who is buried in an engineering manual, in an over cramped Starbucks. Nestled next to the pick up window at the bar, constant yelling and conversation has about given me a migraine. Not to mention, I just had the absolute "privilege" of applying for jobs online; my attempt at getting ahead of the college graduate game. My wallet is near empty, the bills relentlessly continue to poor into my life, my return to work status hangs in limbo and schoolwork exceeds the hours available in the day. Sounds about right for senior year.

Now, if I was famous this all would be just part of some social comedy I am portraying a character in. If only that were true.

I'd say, for the average human being, my life is pretty UN-average. My family ceases to surprise me with their antics and harsh relation to psychotic television series. Compared to most, I would say everyday relates back to some movie or show I have seen, but it is reality. Reality that I endure everyday and am not being paid for. It is as if "please vent to me" is illuminated on my forehead and because of this "gift" many strangers incorporate my opinion into their 'oh so special' lives. These and many more pride reverting incidents happen to me regularly, those who know my life can account for this. If the world is a stage and I am an actor within it where is my glory?

Now, I have considered blogging about my encounters, going to casting calls or contacting some form of media for screen writing opportunities. But if I am having a hard time getting media to get back to me for a job, I don't think a new t.v. show in which I am the star would be accepted too easily.

Therefore hello world, I am playing in your net of uncertainty and constant hilarity. I accept your adventures whether joyous or painstaking; let the games begin.

I put on one of my various roles and walk out the door of "opportunity."

The things I accomplish in Starbucks.