Monday, February 23, 2009

Culture confusion

In my Anthropology class we have been learning a lot about cultures and how they celebrate events and overall just live. I have come to the conclusion that the United States of America is completely mixed up with everything except for maybe weddings. Why is it that we take so much time to plan a wedding, we put our very life into this one day where a man and woman are united, but don't want anything to do with death. Why is death such a sad moment filled with turmoil and despair? Death is the passing over into another place (if that is what you believe) no more pain or having to deal with the ridiculous world we live in. Almost every other culture within the world views death as something beautiful, something special. I talk to so many people who are afraid of living because they are going to die, they stop enjoying life. But we are not meant to live in fear, hiding behind the ever growing thought of possibly dying at that very moment. I wish that Americans would stop and see the beauty in everyday life as well as death itself. There is so much to appreciate in this huge and ever changing world! Just take a moment in the day to find something to smile about, the beauty of the sky, the spring flowers, the vast mountain range. Nature is the cure to fear, within the world we live are spectacular events and sights that can make a person completely forget about their worries. And if you don't have time to look outside and your one of the many popular "couch potatoes" then flip the channel to national geographic or the discovery channel. I'm telling you Plant Earth in will blow your mind.

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