Monday, May 11, 2009

What happend to what we stood for?

"Miss California USA co-directors Shannon Moakler and Keith Lewis will hold a news conference Monday to announce Carrie Prejean's fate.

Officials are reportedly in talks with the beauty queen's camp about losing her coveted tiara over possible contract violations as a result of public appearances supporting opponents of same-sex marriage.

Not to mention those revealing sexy underwear photos taken when she was a teen that she failed to divulge."

This is a clip from the Washington Post commenting on the recent tragedy with Miss CA.

Now, why does America, and the critics constantly set people up for failure that are in the lime light?

Now I am not saying that she shouldn't have answered the way she did, and put down same-sex couples but isn't this a bit ridiculous?

Yes she is representing CA and in doing so should have thought a little harder about how she was going to address politics but what ever happened to freedom of speech?

The Bill of Rights is constantly thrown down and forgotten when it comes to news and any other type of media communication. The one thing our founding fathers built this nation on is not even used in this day and age.

While I do not think Miss Prejean should have said the things she did, I do not think she should be ridiculed and harassed.

We allow talk show hosts such as Conan O'Brien and Bill O'Reilly to continuously bash politics and celebrities but we the people of the United States are not allowed to do so?

I wish that we would stop being bias and take a second to look around and realize whatever we are critiquing on we are most likely doing ourselves.

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  1. Should he be a media star based on her stance?