Monday, May 11, 2009

What is the point of a rainy day fund when we're in a drought?

In this photo are hundreds of umbrellas in the quad of Cal State San Bernardino as protesters say no to the alleged prop 1A....

So the Terminator is trying to change our budget again to increase this so called rainy day fund. He is expecting Californians to take tax revenues and put it into this collective pot to store away until our poor state is in dire need of some rescuing. Sounds a little fishy to me.

Why are we as tax payers going to agree to increase our taxing to 12% and place it in this fund that is not going to be regulated? How do I know that my money isn't going towards a senators banquet? or the hooker in the hotel afterward? I mean come on, honestly, you expect me to believe that all this money is just going to magically sit all alone, untouched while we wait for an economic crisis? and if that doesn't come then the scraps will go toward the school system? right.....

I mean the concept in a way makes sense. Reckless California puts money away for desperate times. Kind of like hiding money under your mattress in case the banks fail but this money is way more dirty. Like hiding your money under Pamela Anderson's bed....You just don't want to touch that.

Yes as a student I think our schools should get money, but I am not against this prop because I feel the education system is suffering in all areas of the state. I know some schools that are getting AstroTurf fields and renovating the hallways. While some colleges build new "campus centers" to be used for students but instead throw the administration and higher faculty in there. Yeah my money is going to great use.

So to end this long note...Prop 1A is just another way for the dirty government to try and ruin our lives, why don't you give money to a charity or adopt a homeless child in another country, that would be a better use of your pot o' gold.

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