Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where did So. California go??

Ever wake up in the morning and wonder where the mountains went? How do you feel when your out on the town or maybe on the run and you happen to look around you, down into the valley and you see a thick brown cloud? Well that cloud is not rain, fog, nope it is smog and I am not talking about that dragon from the Hobbit. I'm talking about the wonderful pollution that surrounds me daily. And the sad part is that it is not even all from CA. It is from China, India and many other coal burning countries.
Why is it every day there is a new coal plant being built in these countries? Why isn't any one stopping them? I mean if we know so much about global warming, and the future of our earth how come it is still continuing?
It saddens me that it is rare when I can see the beautiful mountain range, the deep valley and the outlines of my state. It used to be rare when I could not. I simply wish that we could go back to when the only thing we had to worry about was a sunburn. Not to worry about going outside too long because of bad air quality.


  1. aw i love and miss u dearly! and it is frustrating i know what ur saying

  2. You should have seen the air in the 1970s. you couldn't breathe some days. your lungs hurt. Due to unleaded fuel and emission controls things have improved. But with more people and cars...
    Go electric cars.